The Water Plot Hole In [Signs]: A Rebuttal

I posted on Tuesday about Signs and the beauty I saw in its message. I then, as I usually do, shared the post on relevant sub-Reddits, one of which being r/horror. Little did I know, there is a bit of a controversy about a certain ‘plothole’ in the film. The conversation in the comments wentContinue reading “The Water Plot Hole In [Signs]: A Rebuttal”

Do You Believe In [Signs]?: Movie Review And Explanation

I’d never watched Signs before this past weekend. The reasons are easy enough to enumerate. I am not a big horror fan, and upon the movie’s release, the people I knew only talked about how scary it was. I therefore imagined a lot of jump scares and stress, and I rarely find myself in theContinue reading “Do You Believe In [Signs]?: Movie Review And Explanation”

Season Recaps Of [The Sopranos]

The Sopranos has been my favorite show for some time now, sometimes switching with The Wire but mostly staying on top. So my journey to write “Long Overdue Recaps” of each season was long, but a joy. This post is meant to consolidate those reviews in one place, and to offer some of my keyContinue reading “Season Recaps Of [The Sopranos]”

Was [Big Little Lies] Season 2 Good?

Big Little Lies season one found a decent splash in the online world, and I followed along as the season played out. I even read the book by Liane Moriarty afterwards, a wonderful companion to the show. However, season two was announced with little fanfare beyond the addition of the legendary Meryl Streep. I amContinue reading “Was [Big Little Lies] Season 2 Good?”

The Men of Easttown [Mare of Easttown]

Mare of Easttown is phenomenal for many reasons, one of them being the tour-de-force performance by Kate Winslett as Mare. And that performance creates a strong representation of women in the series, focusing on Mare, but extending out to Siobahn, Helen, Lori, and Dawn and smaller characters like Betty and Beth, and in some ways,Continue reading “The Men of Easttown [Mare of Easttown]”

Doing Something Great Is Overrated [Mare of Easttown]

The complexity of life in the modern age is overwhelming. A community has so much to consider: climate change, mass incarceration, system inequality, wealth gaps, drug addiction, foreign affairs, and the list keeps going. Our lives are interwoven with the most intricate fabric, and it becomes easy to feel inextricable from these massive issues thatContinue reading “Doing Something Great Is Overrated [Mare of Easttown]”

Is Tony Soprano Dead? [The Sopranos] (Season 6B)

I mean of course he was going to die. One of my biggest entertainment wishes is to go back in time and watch The Sopranos finale live. I want to experience that blackout like those who watched it for the first time. I know I’d be furious. I know I’d have a temper tantrum. IContinue reading “Is Tony Soprano Dead? [The Sopranos] (Season 6B)”

You Go Around And Pity For Yourself [The Sopranos] (Season 6A)

If an unexamined life is not worth living than an unexamined series is not worth ending. And The Sopranos season 6A, the great build-up to the great ending of a great season, is a twelve episode examination of the lives these characters led, where they currently stand, and what life has become for them. Was this worthContinue reading “You Go Around And Pity For Yourself [The Sopranos] (Season 6A)”

One Cut Was Enough [1917]

This post was written over a year ago after seeing 1917 in theaters. For some reason, I did not get around to posting it until now.           The first time I really heard about the concept of less cuts in film was with The Revenant. This might have been when the national conversation about it, outsideContinue reading “One Cut Was Enough [1917]”

Tony’s Pride [The Sopranos] (Season 5) Part 2

In my first post about season five of The Sopranos, I addressed how heavy the season felt due to an existential crisis the likes of which the series had not experienced to that point. However, underlying that tension is a much more subtle theme that holds the season together, Tony’s pride. Sylvio calls it out towardsContinue reading “Tony’s Pride [The Sopranos] (Season 5) Part 2”