The Water Plot Hole In [Signs]: A Rebuttal

I posted on Tuesday about Signs and the beauty I saw in its message. I then, as I usually do, shared the post on relevant sub-Reddits, one of which being r/horror. Little did I know, there is a bit of a controversy about a certain ‘plothole’ in the film. The conversation in the comments wentContinue reading “The Water Plot Hole In [Signs]: A Rebuttal”

Season Recaps Of [The Sopranos]

The Sopranos has been my favorite show for some time now, sometimes switching with The Wire but mostly staying on top. So my journey to write “Long Overdue Recaps” of each season was long, but a joy. This post is meant to consolidate those reviews in one place, and to offer some of my keyContinue reading “Season Recaps Of [The Sopranos]”

Was [Big Little Lies] Season 2 Good?

Big Little Lies season one found a decent splash in the online world, and I followed along as the season played out. I even read the book by Liane Moriarty afterwards, a wonderful companion to the show. However, season two was announced with little fanfare beyond the addition of the legendary Meryl Streep. I amContinue reading “Was [Big Little Lies] Season 2 Good?”

The Men of Easttown [Mare of Easttown]

Mare of Easttown is phenomenal for many reasons, one of them being the tour-de-force performance by Kate Winslett as Mare. And that performance creates a strong representation of women in the series, focusing on Mare, but extending out to Siobahn, Helen, Lori, and Dawn and smaller characters like Betty and Beth, and in some ways,Continue reading “The Men of Easttown [Mare of Easttown]”

Pie-O-My [The Sopranos]

Tony killing Ralphie felt destined, but in true The Sopranos fashion it caught the viewer off guard- not that it happened, but when and why it happened. It didn’t happen after Ralphie killed Tracee and it wasn’t because of his disrespect, not because he wet his beak too much or pissed off the wrong personContinue reading “Pie-O-My [The Sopranos]”

Doing Something Great Is Overrated [Mare of Easttown]

The complexity of life in the modern age is overwhelming. A community has so much to consider: climate change, mass incarceration, system inequality, wealth gaps, drug addiction, foreign affairs, and the list keeps going. Our lives are interwoven with the most intricate fabric, and it becomes easy to feel inextricable from these massive issues thatContinue reading “Doing Something Great Is Overrated [Mare of Easttown]”

Is Tony Soprano Dead? [The Sopranos] (Season 6B)

I mean of course he was going to die. One of my biggest entertainment wishes is to go back in time and watch The Sopranos finale live. I want to experience that blackout like those who watched it for the first time. I know I’d be furious. I know I’d have a temper tantrum. IContinue reading “Is Tony Soprano Dead? [The Sopranos] (Season 6B)”

Ranking [Star Wars] Films

I love ranking things (as you can tell from a lot of my prior posts). But I have stumbled into a contentious debate with this particular list. However, I decided to lean into the topic and not pull any punches, not for the sake of argument, but because when the kitchen’s hot, make sure youContinue reading “Ranking [Star Wars] Films”

The Veil Of Truth [Uncut Gems]

When writing about Uncut Gems one writes about its stress-inducing, anxiety triggering plotline, as I did after I first watched it. However, after almost a year, I think there was something more interesting about my first time watching Uncut Gems than the effects it had on my anxiety levels. I am here to admit, thatContinue reading “The Veil Of Truth [Uncut Gems]”

Themed Recommendation List: 60’s California Drug Culture

As any good nerd, I find unmatched joy in making rich connections between the many media I may be consuming at any time. My usual routine is to be reading a fiction book, listening to a nonfiction book, watching a television show throughout the week, and spending time catching up on movies over the weekend.Continue reading “Themed Recommendation List: 60’s California Drug Culture”