“L to the OG” Grammy Acceptance Speech by Kendall Roy [Succession]

Snoop Dog: And now the winner of the Grammy for Best Rap Single… Shiiit, how do I get this mother open? Oh here we go. I got it dawg…. Kendall Roy and his boy Squiggle! …“L to the OG”! *raucous applause* *Kendall Roy rises and kisses Naomi, before stoically walking onto the stage* Kendall, leaningContinue reading ““L to the OG” Grammy Acceptance Speech by Kendall Roy [Succession]”

Three Tiers Of Will Ferrell Movies

With the recent release of a solid Ferrell film in Eurovision, Ferrell filmography became worth reviewing. He has been making good to great films for quite some time with bad ones peppered in for seasoning. His films seem (as easily as anyone’s) to consists of three quality tiers. So here they are with the film’s releaseContinue reading “Three Tiers Of Will Ferrell Movies”